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The CCARC web site offers news and information about our club, our local activities, and amateur radio events nationwide. Many of our club’s activities are listed on this site, and pictures of past events are posted here.    Here you will also find information on how to become a member of the CCARC, local and regional hamfest locations and dates, special events, and other CCARC sponsored activities.
The Columbia County Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) provides a public service to Columbia County and surrounding areas. The club’s goals include promoting the hobby of amateur radio, assisting and training prospective amateur radio operators, and encouraging and fostering camaraderie for the amateur radio community.

Membership in the CCARC does not require you to have an amateur radio license. If you are interested in short wave radio, are an electronics hobbyist, or have an interest in obtaining an amateur radio license, the CCARC would welcome you as a member.

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11 July 2014
Club dues are $20.00 yearly.   If you are an active duty member of the armed forces, your membership is free of charge. Also, if you take your initial Amateur Radio license exam through the CCARC sponsored VE testing and pass your test, you will receive
your first year of membership free of charge. The CCARC is a nonprofit 501(c)7 tax exempt organization.
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